Environmental condition and new technologies

In most of the cities, throwing of non-treated sewage, or insufficiently treated, has been causing harm to the environment, besides being a risk factor to the health of the population.

In the areas not served by sewage system, traditional solution has been to use cesspits and stabilization ponds badly dimensioned, which unload waste waters directly into the water courses, ponds or beaches.

In home sewage, excessive use of soaps, detergents, shampoos, disinfectants, bleacher, caustic soda and other products paralyzes the natural biodegrading of the organic matter by eliminating microorganisms that perform this important sanitation role.

As a consequence, we have accumulation of deteriorated fats, wastes and other debris into the installations, generating bad smell, clogging, insects infestation and even cesspits, grease traps and sinks overflows.

Increase of polluting load

In addition to that, there is the large volume of organic effluents generated by several economic activities, mainly industrial ones, and not properly treated and we will have an idea of the problem size.

All that load of debris, besides major constraints and expenses for the citizens and public power generates the harm of environmental contamination, worsened by the fact that the debris mechanically taken out of the cesspits, sinks and decanting ponds are, many times, illegally poured into rivers, lakes or beaches, worsening environmental and public health issues.

To solve the issue, high investments form the public and private sectors towards basic sanitation are required, however they take long. And while such works are not performed, the environmental contamination issue and damages to public health caused by untreated sanitary sewage are adding up. Hence, places formerly pleasant are progressively being degraded. Where it was supposed to have clear water there is sewage and bad smell.

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